What to expect when you’re expecting!


by Spencer Hicks

It’s like my dad always said, “In utero, no one can hear you scream.” Did I mention my dad was an abortion doctor? It’s true, he went to abortion school and got his doctorate. He learned that “screaming” tidbit, day one.

Sorry, I’m a liar. But my wife is pregnant and we are expecting a son. I’m excited about it, and also scared shitless.

A lot happens in the time leading up to the birth of your first child, and I would like to give the non-parents a heads-up of what to expect.

Pregnancy Progression Pics

Thanks to Instagram, your wife will post a weekly picture of herself as the baby grows. Have you ever watched a .gif of someone who takes a weekly picture of themselves as they go through a new exercise routine? It’s the opposite of that. You can watch the love of your life’s body get destroyed by a child you will love unconditionally. All the CrossFit in the world won’t fix that.

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Bad Pilot Night 5 Poster!

by Joel Decker


Well here it is. The official poster for Bad Pilot Night 5. It will be 8pm Friday March 7th. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Make your enemies your friends by inviting them! Turn your friends into enemies by inviting them! We’re ok with both.

Food. Alcohol. Smoke free. Standup from Spencer Hicks and Brett James Robinson and then Little Tiny Brain annihilates Baywatch Nights. It’s going to be fantastic.

We’ll be sure to keep annoying you with more about the show over the next few weeks.