McDonald’s: I’m Really Lovin’ It!

by Little Tiny Brain Food Critic, Louis Fowler


As a professional food critic, I love a good hamburger. But, truth be told, I love a bad hamburger too, and boy oh boy, I’ve had my fair share of them! But, for the sake of this food review article, let’s go ahead and return to the original premise that I like hamburgers (and cheeseburgers) of higher quality.

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Least Popular Flower Cards

by Joel Decker and Louis Fowler


Today 7 billion roses will be delivered in the United States, according to a study we just made up. Accompanying those flowers are sappy cards. Sappy flower cards are the original Twitter in you have to express how you feel in a small amount of space. We’ve compiled some of the worst cards to be delivered with flowers in the history of Valentine’s. Enjoy!

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