It’s 2014. Stop Burning The Goddamn Popcorn.

Posted in the Break Room by Shift Manager Chester Harrington as seen by Joel Decker


Attention all.

A situation has been brought to my attention and I’m going to need all to comply with the following; please, stop burning the goddamn popcorn. If this doesn’t stop, you will be terminated. I’m not singling anyone out, but whenever the goddamn popcorn is burnt the entire office smells like deep fried abortion.

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Happy Presidents Day. I Guess.

by George Washington as told to Joel Decker


Happy Presidents Day, America. It has been quite some time since I’ve penned a missive with regards to the country I fathered. Though I ceased to exist in physical form in 1799, I’ve kept a watchful eye from the dimension you all will reside in once you too stop being “alive”. Life on Earth is nothing when compared to the postmortem utopia that is “Uncle Kenny Boom-Boom Wilson’s 4th Dimension Soul Receptacle/Waffle Shack”. Spoiler Alert! Uncle Kenny Boom-Boom Wilson is God’s real name. Also, the waffles are exquisite here. Exquisite.

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Happy Valentine’s Day From Helen!

From Helen in Payroll as told to Joel Decker



To: All Employees

Subject: Valentine’s Day!

Sent: Fri February 14, 2014 07:59 AM

Hey y’all!

Helen here! Your favorite payroll representative! Just wanted to send this e-mail to everyone to wish them a happy Valentine’s Day! Also, make sure to have your payroll e-mails to me by end of day so we can make sure you get your checks on Monday!

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Is Cool Timings to Hate Russia Again

by Ivan Drago as told to Joel Decker


Hello America. Is Ivan Drago, your enemy from match of boxing with Rocky Balboa in 1980’s. First, let me say how sorry I am for killing Apollo Creed. Is not my faults. I was in complete steroid blackout for whole time was in U.S. and A. When I was told what I had done I felt such shame, both at killing famous black boxer and not asking famous black man James Brown for autograph. Is sad for Drago since Drago like James Brown very much. Feel like sex machine!

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“Coke Just Took a Dump On America. Your America!”

by Pepsi as told to Joel Decker

PEPSI_H1_4C [Converted]

If you’re anything like the God fearing patriots who make Pepsi are, you were outraged by the recent Super Bowl commercial for Coca-Cola featuring “America the Beautiful” sung in many languages other than English. It is a travesty of the worst kind to have such an integral part of America’s culture disrespected in such an offensive and blatant manner by a company so many hold dear.

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