The Re-Watchable Harold Ramis

by Brad Chad Porter


When a famous person dies in America there is a strange social reflex. It is a moment we share. Some of us make jokes seeking to capitalize on the attention. Some of us gush and otherwise publically grieve, despite our thousands of degrees of separation from the deceased, in order to puff up our sense of self importance. “If I speak eloquently and emotionally enough about the famous dead it’s almost as though we were really friends.”

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The Late Shift War for Late Night – A Comic’s Response

by BradChad Porter


Hack /hak/ n. 1. a person who produces banal or mediocre work.

Is there anything more banal than being the millionth person today to tweet about how bad Jay Leno is at comedy?

Well, it appears Jay Leno’s actual last episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno airs tonight. As America’s celebrities say their tearful goodbyes it occurs to us you probably want to read LTB’s reaction to all of this.

Jay Leno was a great host, and it is sad to watch him go. There. I said it.

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