Who Are Little Tiny Brain?


Little Tiny Brain are five Oklahoma City comedians, writers and all around swell fellas. In 2013 they decided the time was long overdue to add their creative endeavors to the seemingly saturated internet landscape. We would have said “digi-scape” but that would have been stupid.

In an attempt to do something beyond making each other laugh they pooled their loose change to create something they could pour their time and effort into. Something they could be proud of. Something they could call their own. Something they hope you enjoy. Like it or not, Little Tiny Brain is that thing.

The five virtual fingers that make up the Little Tiny Brain fist are…

Joel David Decker has performed standup in Oklahoma City for way too long. He was voted funniest person in Oklahoma City, was the floor emcee for the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he wrote and performed sketches for in-game presentation featuring Rumble the Bison, was a columnist for Look @ OKC, producing the first daily podcast in OPUBCO history, is a contributing writer for The Lost Ogle and when he was 14 appeared on Disney’s Teen Win, Lose or Draw. Don’t judge! Where’s your Disney credit?

Follow Joel on Twitter @joeldavidd


Jacob Dyck

Jacob Dyck may or may not be a carbon-based life-form whose name may or may not be Jacob Dyck. He/she was born and raised in Oklahoma but has lived in various exotic locations including Minnesota, Arkansas and what was either the worst or best part of Mexico. He/she once had great dreams of reaching the masses with his/her unique brand of comedy, but long ago decided the masses who enjoy Jay Leno and Big Bang Theory deserve to endure the suffering they are too stupid to realize they are enduring. Despite that, he/she worked for the humor/shirt website www.tshirthell.com for a number of years and continues to provide occasional humorings for said website. He/she has settled comfortably into a happy yet nihilistic existence. “‘Happy yet nihilistic’ is a contradiction” you say? I figured you wouldn’t get it. Christ… It’s like trying to explain string theory to chimps talking to you people.

Follow Jacob on Twitter @dept_of_truth

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 1.58.44 AM

Spencer Hicks

Performing standup comedy since 2004, co-Founder of OKC Comedy Spencer Hicks was voted funniest person in Oklahoma City, is a contributing writer for The Lost Ogle and is responsible for getting Rob Delaney to step foot in Oklahoma. He has red hair, so needless to say, he isn’t good at sports.

Follow Spence on Twitter @SpencerLenox


Chad McNaughton

Chad McNaughton is a writer/comedian/musician in Oklahoma City. He’s done a little stand-up and written for some popular blogs, local roasts, a couple of failed sketch shows, and was even asked to submit an essay to a book about Oklahoma cinema. Then they rejected it. As part of Little Tiny Brain, Chad is a co-founder/writer/producer of the much-beloved Bad Pilot Night shows in Oklahoma City as well as their groundbreaking podcast. He even used to co-host a local radio show and has appeared on Web Soup on the G4 network as a local BBQ aficionado, and for some reason co-hosted a bar trivia night that kind of opened for Kyle Kinane. Weird night, man. He wrote a song that was played on the radio two times that he knows of, and he was once retweeted by Alec Baldwin. Chad is actively seeking a beautiful wife-mom.

Follow Chad on Twitter @chekkie.

BradChad - Landscape

BradChad Porter is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. He is also a fart enthusiast. Having failed at several careers in fields ranging from religion to retail he brings a unique perspective to each new story. As a result of the compounding nature of his disastrous personal life he brings to LTB a fresh brand of skeptical pessimism about the world that will delight readers who understand that it doesn’t work.  BradChad is a co-founder of 796entertainment & OKCComedy, companies that produce funny in the middle of nowhere.

Follow Brad Chad on Twitter @bradchad


Follow us @littletinybrain

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