Bad Pilot Night 6!

by Joel Decker


A huge thank you to everyone who came out to watch Little Tiny Brain obliterate Baywatch Nights last Friday at The Paramount on Film Row.

Lot of people want to know what the next show we’ll be doing is. Here ya go.


Bad Pilot Night 6 will feature the 1987 pilot for the “hit” tv show “Beauty & The Beast”.

Back before Linda Hamilton let the ravages of smoking destroy her career and before Ron Perlman did his best work on “Sons of Anarchy” they appeared in this confusing and meandering pilot for a show that would last 3 seasons. That’s right. CBS decided 56 episodes of this show would be just fine, which seems like a lot, but isn’t when compared to the 14,00 episodes of NCIS that exist. Number 1 show on TV and no one I know watches it. Perhaps it’s because I only know people who like good things.

When Beauty & The Beast was finally cancelled, it ushered in an age of disappointment for cat loving single gals who would find solace only years later when they were able to reignite their once lost devotion to fantasy soaked malarky when Twilight books became a thing.

This is also really special. Prior to airing the pilot at Bad Pilot Night 6 will be a Q&A session with one of the members of the original crew to have worked on the pilot for Beauty & The Beast. Have your questions ready!

Stay tuned to Little Tiny Brain on Twitter for dates and times for Bad Pilot Night 6. Bad Pilot Night: The Greatest Thing You’re Aware Exists.


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