Cynicism Be Damned. Well, for 2min 53sec Anyway.

by Joel Decker

Little Tiny Brain can be cynical sometimes. Is it the fault of our generation, cruel women, knowing people less talented are making way more money than us or our good ol’ fashioned American sense of liberal entitlement going unfulfilled? All of those things, really.

It’s nice to stumble upon a psychological respite from weeks of bathing in the glorious angst that is True Detective and our own sense of self loathing. The above video is a great example of what can be accomplished when technological ingenuity, disregard for copyright law and talent meet. We’d probably accomplish the same thing if we had any knowledge of video production and a super cute and talented girlfriend who seems to be up for trying awesome things. Think that dude got the last one. Thanks a lot, good looking videographer bearded guy!

So take a break from your life for a couple minutes. We’ll be back to the special brand of “comedy” all twelve of you love tomorrow.

Thanks to Justin Baker.


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