Bad Pilot Night 5: Baywatch Nights

by Joel Decker

Update: Bad Pilot Night 5 will be at The Paramount in OKC 8pm Friday, March 7th. You’re welcome.

We’ve gotten asked about our Bad Pilot Night series of shows more than anything we’ve ever done. This includes our ill fated attempt at marketing ourselves as Chris Gaines.

Bad Pilot Night (BPN) is a live showing of a “Bad Pilot” episode of a television show. Not only do you get to see it, but the folks at Little Tiny Brain provide live commentary throughout the episode. So far we’ve done MacGyver, “CHiP’S”, Dawson’s Creek and Buck Rogers. We now add the failed “Baywatch Nights”. Oh yes. That was a thing.

In 1995 the most watched show around the world sparked a spin off where an oversexed lifeguard by day is also a private investigator at night. “Because people want to know what Mitch Buchannon does at night. It’ll be a hit!” It wasn’t and the show was horrible. It ran for 44 episodes though. That’s right. Baywatch Nights produced 31 more episodes than The Office UK and left no discernable mark on the television landscape. Quality over quanity are not words David Hasslehoff is familiar with. Other words he’s not familiar with? “No”, “sobriety” and “talented actor”.

We will be presenting Bad Pilot Night 5: Baywatch Nights within the next few weeks. You can keep updated on when and where by following us @littletinybrain on Twitter.

This one is gonna be special, kids. So special. I’ve already seen some of it and wished I hadn’t.

– Joel


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